Welcome to the S4 Capital Fellowship Program

Offering full time employment in the USA

Designed to be a journey worth taking - for graduates from HBCUs - the first Fellows will be recruited this year – commencing full-time employment in January/February 2021, for positions based in the USA.

The program will deliver a comprehensive blend of meaningful work experiences, mentorship, apprenticeships with our most senior leaders, formal learning and support for self-directed study, client secondments and, within the four-year program, opportunities to work in other countries once travel becomes possible. We want to make sure we get it right for all concerned, so plan for an initial group of up to four in 2020, but the numbers will increase with each subsequent year’s intake.

It will be a four-year, immersive, accelerator program, with 2, two year slots at one of the MediaMonks operations in the US, the second 2 years with MightyHive USA or indeed with S4. 
Included, will be opportunities to work overseas, an apprenticeship with one of our 8 global leaders and opportunities to work at one of our clients on a live assignment.

Let us be clear, being an S4 Fellow provides you with a secure platform with the scope to grow.
Our company is evolving fast and we expect you to do so too. We’re in this together and will learn from each other. All your roles and responsibilities are designed so you can contribute to the company’s success, which is contingent on your success.

First-hand view with a deep-end experience, working on the practicalities, to gain a fundamental understanding of what we do in digital advertising & marketing; learning about Content, Data & Analytics to inform that content and seeing how, with Programmatic, we plan and buy advertising and marketing for clients in technology, fmcg, pharmaceutical, services and others, to make it effective - all as a part of their career development.

Our hope and intent is to challenge assumptions. For people to experience how great the Fellows are, through their presence and the value they bring. Their diverse backgrounds and perspective being a critical step on the way to a more truthful reflection of our communities.
And, importantly, that it’s not only our Fellows who get to experience the true meaning of inclusion.

This program is also good business; it reflects our community better and so, if we understand our community better, we will be more effective in terms of what we do.

Application Introduction

Our industry is all about the art and science of how brands communicate with everyone who has a stake in a brand’s performance. The people who do well and enjoy working in our business have a passion for the business of brands and creating communications that work.

Our application process takes a different approach to many that are used by prospective employers and career services. Ours is not simply a set of hurdles for you to jump over.
Your qualifications and achievements do matter but, more importantly, we have designed the application process so that you can get to know us at the same time as we can get to know you.

Good applications have to feel like we are having a stimulating conversation with an interesting and interested person.

The process will take time, but not be a waste of time: we want you to be stimulated by it.
We encourage you to be yourself; go beyond providing essential personal data and information (everyone will do that).

Use our questions that ask for your opinions to express who you are with originality, we encourage you to share a point of view, tell us what you think and make us want to get to know you more.

And one final point, our application is also designed to help you build confidence for what you want to achieve, and how to communicate this to prospective employers. We hope you will enjoy doing this as much as we look forward to hearing from you.

Application Stages

  1. Initial Contact – Application completion by end of November
  2. Make your interest known in the S4 Fellowship via ‘Handshake’ OR the S4 Website. Fellowship Link – both will connect you to an S4 managed Applicant Tracking System for all applications. Submit Personal details and CV/Resume. Submit written answers to choices, essay submissions, letter and questionnaire.
  3. Shortlist review for final interviews – November/December
  4. Final interview events - December
  5. Job offers finalised - December
  6. Fellowship commences - January/February 2021

Application Form - Questions to expect

Introduction, choices, essay submissions, letter, questionnaire, video

  1. * Introduce yourself
  2. * Career Choice Question
  3. * Two Advertising and Marketing Questions
  4. * 2 Essay Submissions and a Letter
  5. Quick Fire Questionnaire – completed using the application form
  6. 1 minute (maximum) video response to one of the quick fire questions - completed using the application form

* 1-4 – these can be completed separately and loaded onto your application.