Environmental, Social & Governance

We firmly believe that technology and creativity can be used as forces for good and are powerful tools in transitioning towards a more sustainable society. This belief is the core of our sustainability vision, strategy and commitments.




Our ESG pillars

We see Environmental, Social and Governance as three core, interconnected components of sustainable development and growth. Based on our own potential impact, stakeholders’ opinions and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), three strategic pillars are in place to boost our sustainability efforts.

  • 1. People Fulfilment


    Our goal:

    Create a workforce that is empowered and enabled.

    Our plan: 
    Build programmes, practices and policies that provide global guidance and enable regional flexibility to support the growth and development of our Monks.

  • 2. Our Responsibility to the World


    Our goal:

    Use our work as a catalyst for good in an environmentally-conscious household and transparent operations.

    Our plan:

    Execute the SBTi transition plan after science-based targets are formally approved by SBTi.

  • 3. One Brand


    Our goal:

    Establish visible signs of a common culture for a unified brand and company that our people and clients are proud to be a part of.

    Our plan:

    Build our identity through communication that integrates 
 and creates rituals into one culture.


Our impact model

  • Direction

    • Our vision

      Creativity and technology as a force for good

    • Our ESG mission

      A catalyst for our clients’ sustainable impact

    • Our strategy

      People Fulfilment;
      Our Responsibility to the World;
      One Brand

  • Input

    • Our People

      7,707 Monks
      48% women
      50% men
      2% undeclared

    • Our resources

      61 offices
      32 countries
      4,477 MWh electricity used

    • Our relationships

      Business partners

  • Output

    • Offered 94 intern and associate positions
      Rolled out the Diverse Slate approach to hiring
      Launched th Monks Coaching Certification Program
      Accelerate.Monks fosters leadership growth and career advancement through interactive classes

    • 20% emission reduction YoY
      3.3 tCO2e per FTE
      45% of electricity is renewable

    • £1.0 billion revenue
      £64,870 (0.01% of revenue) and 1,449 voluntary hours donated to charities

    • 8,414 projects
      502 projects For Good
      101 Purpose-driven clients

  • Long-term value

    • We empower our people to be a catalyst for change, in an inclusive, diverse and creative workplace

    • We create a climate-neutral and environmentally- conscious business operation

    • We remain economically viable and invest in our innovations to enable us to contribute to sustainability challenges in the long run

    • We improve the sustainable impact of our clients – to bring about the shift in attitudes and behaviour needed to reach the SDGs

Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • People Fulfilment

    • 5. Gender equality
      5. Gender equality
    • 9. Industry, innovation & infrastructure
      9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
    • 10. Reduced inequalities
      10. Reduced inequalities
  • Our Responsibility to the World

    • 12. Responsible consumption & production
      12. Responsible consumption and production
    • 13. Climate action
      13. Climate action

Our ESG news

  • How Live Remote Production Keeps Sustainability Goals Grounded

    As the effects of the climate crisis become more apparent and time is running out to act, sustainability has become a key focus for brands and consumers alike
    Remote production-sustainable blog
  • Generate Content at a Fast Clip with Fan-Focused AI Highlights

    Fan-Focused AI Highlights is the latest solution within our software-defined production offering, which effectively eliminates the need for a large physical plant—like large control rooms or OB trucks that cost tens of thousands to rent per day or the dozens of crew members to maintain them—in favor of versatile, nimble broadcast workstreams.
    Generate Content at a Fast Clip with Fan-Focused AI Highlights
    Artificial Intelligence
  • Expand your broadcast potential with software-defined production

    Virtualizing production to accelerate and innovate workflows, drastically reduce costs and decrease your global carbon footprint.
  • Respecting the planet by making our work more sustainable

    Monks Executive Producer Bernd Out, on ways production teams can take better care of the planet
    Glass encased office overlooking mountains
    Sustainable Work
  • NAB Show presents first Excellence In Sustainability awards

    Monks selected in the Sustainability in Leadership, Large Organization category for building a sustainable broadcast infrastructure
    people on a stage holding trophies
  • How Adland is tackling the environmental impact of its media buy

    Monks experts weigh in on the challenges of and solutions for reducing the carbon usage of the media buy
    collage of digital media
    Sustainable Work
  • Amplifying sustainability: a pledge for the planet

    Labs.Monks share their ideas, processes and guidelines for greener digital production
    Robot hand and green hand shaking
  • Sowing the seeds of office innovation at the Monks Farm

    Al fresco: we created a fully-automated vegetable garden in São Paulo
    S4Capital Monks’ Farm
    Zero Impact Workspaces
  • Inclusive marketing is all of our responsibility

    Why we must respect the depth and nuances of the audiences we speak to on our clients’ behalf
    S4Capital inclusive marketing
    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our ESG work

  • Girls Not Brides: Juanita & Roberto’s Wedding

    Despite laws that prohibit it, more than 300,000 girls in Mexico have been sold into marriage with older adults. As part of a campaign to expose this injustice and call for enforcement of the law, we invited all of Mexico to the wedding of Don Roberto and Juanita, a minor-aged girl, in a video that went viral.
    Girls not Brides Juanita Roberto Wedding
    Case study
  • GVB: The Travel Poet [De Reis Dichter]

    After the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the world's first travel poet, Roziena Salihu, crafted and delivered spoken words while travelling on Amsterdam’s public transport, adding an emotional layer to the routine of commuting that helped build a connection between the people of Amsterdam and their city.
    GVB Reisdichter
  • Coach: The Pleasure Pursuit

    In partnership with Coach, we created a WebGL platform that tells the story of artist Tom Wesselmann and explores the themes of life's three pleasure principles: love, wonder, and play.
    Pleasure Pursuit
  • Gorilla Rx Wellness: Black Women Get Us Higher

    As part of our Decoded.Monks’ long-running Small Business Accelerator program that supports BIPOC-owned small businesses with agency time and funding towards media, production and other resources, we worked alongside activist and entrepreneur Kika Keith to champion and empower Black women and address the historical injustices within the cannabis industry.
    Black Women Get Us Higher
    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • LAMDA Development: The Ellinikon Centre

    Spotlighting the wonders of The Ellinikon – Europe’s largest urban regeneration project – we worked with LAMDA Development to transform an iconic, 1,800+ m2 airport hangar in Greece into an interactive museum.
    Ellinikon Centre
  • Red Wing: Builders Exchange Program

    To get makers in virtual worlds excited about becoming tradespeople, we invited gamers to design tiny homes inside Roblox, and then Red Wing built several of them for real in Denver, Colorado for those experiencing homelessness.
    Red Wing
    Virtual Events

A responsible business from the start

MonksFarm at Media.Monks

As the first in our industry to sign The Climate Pledge, we’ve committed to reaching Net Zero by 2040—10 years earlier than the Paris Agreement's Net Zero by 2050—to do our part in holding global warming below 1.5 degrees. 

We are growing S4Capital in a responsible and sustainable way, for the long-term benefit of all, aiming to make a meaningful difference and leave a light footprint. To that end, we’ve reaffirmed our commitment to SBTi’s Corporate Net-Zero Standard while advancing the quality of our data via a new software system for GHG emissions calculation. 

Our work embodies our ESG strategy and we identify the daily impact of - and in - our work to better ourselves, our methods and our outcomes. With AI now impacting almost every face of our business and our industry, our focus is to ensure that the technology can be used as a force for good and a tool for creating more sustainable processes and workflows.