We are a new age/new era digital advertising, marketing and technology services company, operating in the fastest-growing segment of the advertising and marketing services market.

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    How AI Is Changing Everything You Know About Marketing [report]
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    Artificial Intelligence

Our mission

To build a purely digital advertising and marketing services business, which disrupts analogue models by embracing content, data & digital media and technology services in an always-on 24-7 environment, for global, multinational, regional and local clients and for millennial-driven influencer brands.

We’re always on. A global communications business for the new marketing age.

  • 8700 People
  • 32 Countries
  • 1 Unitary structure

One bold ambition

We are united under one brand with a seamless, fully integrated offering for clients.





Our practices

2022 revenue

We create stories, interfaces and experiences that create brands and help build deep emotional connections with audiences.

We provide consulting and media operations services to turn the vision of digital transformation into a reality.

We build the architecture that underpins every moment in the customer experience to deliver transformative digital experiences.

A responsible business from the start

We are growing S4Capital in a responsible and sustainable way, for the long-term benefit of all, making a meaningful difference and leaving a light footprint.

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