We serve clients as a new kind of advertising and marketing services partner: one that is purely digital.

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Our mission

To create a new era, new media solution embracing data, content and technology in an always-on environment for global, multinational, regional and local clients and for millennial-driven brands.

  • 22 Countries
  • 1500 People
  • 1 Unitary structure

Who we are

S4Capital plc is a digital advertising and marketing services company established by Sir Martin Sorrell in May 2018. Our strategy is to build a purely digital advertising and marketing services business by integrating leading businesses in three areas: first-party data, digital content, digital media planning and buying, along with an emphasis on ‘faster, better, cheaper’ executions in an always-on consumer-led environment, with a unitary structure.

The Group employs approximately 1,500 people in 22 countries, across The Americas, Europe, the Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.

S⁴Capital Diagram

The story so far

  • Formation and initial funding of S4Capital plc in May 2018.
  • Combination with the leading digital content Advertising Age A-Listed production company MediaMonks in July 2018.
  • Injection of the enlarged Company into the quoted ‘shell’ company, Derriston Capital Plc, with admission to the Standard List of the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange as S4Capital plc (SFOR.L) in September 2018.
  • Combination with the leading programmatic company MightyHive on Christmas Eve 2018.
  • Appointment of leading industry figures to spearhead Asia Pacific growth.
  • Caramel Pictures, the world’s leading food and liquids film studio, purchased by MediaMonks and combination of MightyHive with ProgMedia, a São Paulo-based programmatic consultancy, in April 2019.
  • MediaMonks announces merger with BizTech, a leading marketing transformation and customer experience company in Australia in June 2019, expanding cloud capabilities and geographic coverage.
  • Significant new business during 2019, including integrated assignments, from Procter & Gamble, Google, Nestle, Netflix, Mondelez, Uber, Bayer, Sprint, Avon, ServiceNow, Shiseido, Olympic Broadcasting Services and Coca-Cola, among others.
  • Influencer marketing company, IMA combines with MediaMonks in August 2019 to bolster production output.

Our companies

  • MediaMonks


    MediaMonks is a global creative production company that partners with clients across industries and markets to craft amazing work for leading businesses and brands.

  • MightyHive


    Recognised as a global leader in advanced marketing and advertising technologies, MightyHive provides consulting and media operations services to turn the vision of digital transformation into reality.